Vote! Vote! Vote!

We're two short weeks away from Election Day! On Tuesday November 3rd millions of Americans who have not already voted by mail or early voted will cast their ballots in person. Here at Ruff Haus Pets we have made a pledge to celebrate democracy and give our team members the time and tools they need to vote.

We have teamed up with Civic Alliance and Time To Vote and compiled a few useful resources for our community. Remember if you have not already registered, you still have time! Deadline for in-person registration in Illinois is November 3rd. To check your voter registration head on over to:

You can also find your polling place here:

Review what will be in your ballot and go in feeling empowered about your choices. Check out these great non-partisan trusted resources:

Remember November 3rd is the last call to participate in the 2020 election!

Amidst a national shortage of poll workers hundreds of thousands of Americans have stepped up to make sure we can all be safe while voting. We would like to thank all of the essential workers of our democracy. Please be kind with them and each other and be prepared for longer waiting lines.

Should there be long lines you can get free food delivered for everyone at the polls. Simply report the long lines to and the folks at Pizza to the Polls will work hard to get everyone at the site nourishment.

Lastly because Covid-19 has changed how many Americans are voting in 2020, election workers will need more time to count all the ballots. So, have patience! Democracy is worth the wait.

Now, let's get each other to the polls, because EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

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