Hello! I'm Zara. Would you like to adopt me?

I'm a pitbull terrier and I weigh 60 pounds. My date of birth is 1/4/2016. I'm super friendly with other dogs, but I mostly enjoy playing with small or medium sized dogs. I don't quite understand cats yet and sometimes over-react to them, but I'm working on properly socializing with them. Some things that I love are.... Jogging/running, window-watching from inside, lounging in the yard and people watching at the gate, showing off my toys and playing fetch or tug-of-war! I did not have the best childhood. I was locked in the basement for almost a year without any sunshine, but I've slowly learned how to be the sunshine that other people need. I make humans laugh and smile and am super loving towards them.
Just ask my foster mom Angie Villa for more info! I'm looking for my forever home, so please don't reach out if you don't intend on keeping me. I've been bouncing back and forth between homes for too long and would like to finally settle down with kind, loving humans. 


A note from from Zara's foster parents:

Zara is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. She has sensitive skin so she requires a special veterinary recommended shampoo, but it is easily accessible. Zara is leash aggressive, BUT she is great with other dogs and is learning to socialize with cats. She's not cat aggressive, she just doesn't quite understand them nor how to act around them. Zara will be working on her leash aggression with a professional trainer until she is adopted out. Zara and her foster parents have sought networking & sponsorship help through rescue organizations, but have been rejected due to overcapacity. Zara's foster parents are asking for help with networking for Zara while they foster her in their home with their own two dogs and two cats or an even better outcome - a family who would like to give Zara a forever home. 

Zara currently resides with her foster parents in Jefferson Park and is available for meet and greet appointments with possible adopters on Saturdays and Sundays. 


TELEPHONE: 773.478.5100